About Us

PetroGasGiti Pars Company first emerged and kicked off its services in 2011 in support of both engineering and sales (supply and services) to a variety of industries including but not limited to: oil & gas, steel, automotive, glass, aluminum, health care and food industries.

All the products of this company such as mixed gases are provided to a high level of purity and all industrial gas hardware (parts), are made by the most accredited European or American companies holding analysis certificates and gas and cylinder test results.

The Sales department of PetroGasGiti Pars Company is proud of supporting our clients with consulting services on how to best apply the above stated products in their industries.

PetroGasGiti Pars Company, benefiting from its liquid gas transportation fleet (liquidO2, liquidCO2, liquid N2, and liquid Ar), is able to supply and transfer any type of liquid gases, and to support the customers with consulting services on how to most efficiently and safely use the products in order to decrease the operational costs of their industries while adhering to quality standards.

The Engineering department of this company, from the other hand, benefits from the most up to date technical knowledge and utilizes its technical and skilled professionals in order to design, supply, manufacture, set up and operate gas units like: Air Separation Units, cryogenic tanks, Single-walled piping (industrial gases), Double-walled piping (gas liquids), all kinds of industrial pumps, evaporator and so on.

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